Clear Creek Clinic partners with Airrosti Rehabilitation

To hasten recovery time after an injury, our Clinic has partnered with a nationwide company to provide in house rehabilitative services.  Dr. Paul Unger is a local Doctor of Chiropractic Care, and is available 6 days a week at our facility to enable patients and athletes to return quickly to full function. 

What is Airrosti?

Airrosti is a highly effective hands-on therapy, to eliminate chronic pain and to treat acute soft tissue and joint injuries.

What makes Airrosti so different?

  • It speeds up recovery.
  • It limits unnecessary imaging studies and costly procedures.
  • It returns patients to pain free activity, usually within 3 treatment sessions.

Testimonial from one of Houston's Olympic Athletes- Jonathan Horton: click here to view  

To learn more, go to:


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Calder Urgent Care Merges with Clear Creek Clinic
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Jan 3, 2018
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Aug 25, 2017



 Dear Valued Patient:

This message is to notify you that you may notice a change on EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) you receive from Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Company after a visit to Clear Creek Clinic.

After visiting your Clear Creek Clinic physician, you will receive an EOB from BCBS with the name Village MD.  This is simply a result of our contract negotiations with BCBS.  Please rest assured that these EOBs are as expected and are from Clear Creek Clinic.  Further, Clear Creek Clinic remains an independently owned and operated clinic.

Thank you for trusting us with your health care needs.  You are important to us.

-Clear Creek Clinic Management


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